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Amanda Leigh

Will someone go to work for me?

Lydia Martin lacing up Merida’s dress.
Doing Con with Merida and Lydia.
Salt Lake City Comic Con~~~~
Anonymous sent:
"I give you permission to vent! Unless it's too late 😖"
Aww~ lovely human!! I’m okay now but I super appreciate it! *hugs little gray face for days and days and days!*

​I know I was supposed to write some things and work on my D&D character for the session tonight and clean my apartment but…. I DID sit next to a cat an start crocheting a pot holder!

Mikasa having vicious period cramps and going about her day, acting completely convincingly like nothing is wrong. Armin walks by and sets a hot tea he bought down in front of her, gives her a tiny, pitying smile and walks away without saying anything.

Hey! No sleeping on the job! Those are important documents that need to be delivered to the Commander right away!!

Someone should super message me and give me permission to vent at them :P

Wow. I actually don’t have anyone to text and randomly bitch to.

Holy shit guys I’m actually writing something I’m supposed to!

Anonymous sent:
"for a prompt maybe nitori could be like a secret badass and rin finds out when he finds nitori beating up some kind (who may or may not have been talking shit about his senpai)"

WOW THIS TOOK A BAJILLION YEARS I AM SO SORRY. (No seriously. I clearly started writing this before Eternal Started so… season one Rin and Nitori yay!)

Still trying to get back into the swing of writing! I hope it’s okay and I’m sorry it’s short! I love prompts, though, so please, please feel free to send me anything!

Prompt | Rin/Nitori (sort of) | Teen + | One-Shot

Warning: Blood, Fighting

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From my Nitori roleplay blog but I absolutely take prompts here too! Seriously. I love them. O.O


Free! Eternal Summer, ep 4 End Card