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Amanda Leigh
​I know I was supposed to write some things and work on my D&D character for the session tonight and clean my apartment but…. I DID sit next to a cat an start crocheting a pot holder!

Mikasa having vicious period cramps and going about her day, acting completely convincingly like nothing is wrong. Armin walks by and sets a hot tea he bought down in front of her, gives her a tiny, pitying smile and walks away without saying anything.

Hey! No sleeping on the job! Those are important documents that need to be delivered to the Commander right away!!

Someone should super message me and give me permission to vent at them :P

Wow. I actually don’t have anyone to text and randomly bitch to.

Holy shit guys I’m actually writing something I’m supposed to!

Anonymous sent:
"for a prompt maybe nitori could be like a secret badass and rin finds out when he finds nitori beating up some kind (who may or may not have been talking shit about his senpai)"

WOW THIS TOOK A BAJILLION YEARS I AM SO SORRY. (No seriously. I clearly started writing this before Eternal Started so… season one Rin and Nitori yay!)

Still trying to get back into the swing of writing! I hope it’s okay and I’m sorry it’s short! I love prompts, though, so please, please feel free to send me anything!

Prompt | Rin/Nitori (sort of) | Teen + | One-Shot

Warning: Blood, Fighting

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From my Nitori roleplay blog but I absolutely take prompts here too! Seriously. I love them. O.O


Free! Eternal Summer, ep 4 End Card

I like roleplay memes because they remind me of D&D. You’re an elf rogue, graceful and terrifying, climbing walls and picking off enemies before they even knew you were coming. You roll the dice to make sure you can hop over that trap in the road but you roll a one, sorry, not enough! You trip over your own feet and take down the giant paladin, dripping in plate mail, next to you. You’re tied up together on the ground and just made so much noise the enemy is on the way. Good luck! And when did you get so clumsy? Your party is super going to make fun of you later.

I love getting crazy scenarios in my ask box that my muse would never, ever have had to deal with in their normal life. (And that the mun would have never thought of!) Straight down to ‘My muse just goosed yours in public!’ Good luck!

I find it super exciting.

Do you realise how fucking great Marco would have been if he’d survived?


OMG, you’re sitting right next to me, you internet creep! Hand over the phone NOW!

Btw, these babies are magical and literally my favourite Erwin and Levi cosplayers of all time. (And maybe favourite humans..?)

Go follow and love them!

Get In

A little drabble based in a world I may or may not ever actually write out into a real story with Rhue. So, for now, enjoy little snippets! Erwin is the head of a special FBI unit, Levi runs a special squad, the 104th babies are interns and there is definitely something going on with Erwin, Levi, and Armin. If you’re interested feel free to message me! I could ramble about it all day. O.O

Drabble under the cut! ^^

Modern AU | Levi/Armin | Mentioned Jean/Marco | Teen+ | One-Shot | Erurivarmin FBI AU

Warning: Blood, Bullying, Age difference

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Man can I sell a wrap dress.